Together is the high-class English-language magazine for international business people in Brussels – the perfect blend of news, business, lifestyle and leisure. We offer quality content dedicated to informing, integrating and inspiring the international community in ‘Europe’s Capital’.

The main topics covered are EU affairs, fashion, inspirational interviews, keys to success, wellness, seduction, travel, restaurants, trends and culture. Together also features articles on super cars, beauty and fitness, sophisticated timepieces, fine wines and hi-tech electronic gadgets. Our mission is to provide inspirational content and to bring our readers’ fantasies to fruition.

The 20,000-edition magazine is principally distributed (15,000 copies) ten times per year by promotional Hostesses and Stewards in the environs of Brussels’ European institutions (the European Commission, Parliament and Council), and is also available in a selection of the city’s leading hotels, gyms, trendy nightspots and refined restaurants.

And Together readers who miss the distribution can buy the magazine from selected newsagents in the European district, Uccle and Waterloo for 3.50€ (5,000 copies available).

Together is aimed at high-income, high-profile, international 25- to 50-year-olds who:
• Have significant purchasing power
• Are well educated
• Enjoy culture, fashion, fine dining, travel, sport, the latest technologies and are interested in health and financial services
• Have a strong international dimension
• React well to print advertising
• Have both time and money to spend
• Are knowledgeable consumers

Creativity and flexibility are at the core of our approach to our relationship with advertisers – we work with our partners to ensure customer satisfaction.

Together Publication Dates 2018:

FEBRUARY Publication of 01.02.18

MARCH Publication of 01.03.18

APRIL Publication of 29.03.18

MAY Publication of 03.05.18

JUNE Publication of 07.06.18

JULY/AUG Publication of 28.06.18

SEPT Publication of 13.09.18

OCTOBER Publication of 11.10.18

NOVEMBER Publication of 08.11.18

DECEMBER Publication of 06.12.18

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25 Euro CPM

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Other advertising opportunities include integrated text, over layers, spreads, pop ups, pop under and more.

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