GoodPlanet: Respect for the environment


Thon Hotels has teamed up with a charity that is taking us back into nature so you can make a difference… twice over.

There is a healthy link these days between commerce and charitable work. This has been taken a step further by Thon Hotels. When you stay for more than one night, just hang up the green card outside the door if you do not wish your room to be serviced and so help contribute towards a more sustainable environment. You will be rewarded with a Green Voucher (worth €5) to use either in the hotel bars and restaurants or, better still, donate it to the association GoodPlanet

Through its Nature Discovery Workshop, GoodPlanet teaches youngsters and adults alike how to lead a sustainable life. Every day it shares its know-how and passion for sustainable development, developing projects, training courses and teaching packages on all sustainability themes (water, energy, mobility, consumption, nature, green jobs, etc.).

The money raised in Thon Hotels has helped GoodPlanet with their workshop projects where children get to reconnect with nature and the planet. This exchange also promotes an attitude of responsibility and respect for the environment. Last year 30 local classes benefited from the workshop. All outdoor activities are based on the principles of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

The activities
The GoodPlanet Nature Discovery Workshop offers:

– A chance for children to see, touch, hear, taste and smell nature.

– Outdoor games and activities that stimulate the imagination and encourage creativity.

– Opportunities for the younger generation to think about a sustainable planet.

– Learn not only about plants and animals but also social skills, language and science.