Friday, June 21, 2024
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Luxury lifestyle: MYBA Superyachts floating pieces of art

In our latest luxury lifestyle article we chat to MYBA board member Eleonora Pitasso. How has women's involvement in yachting developed over the years? Working in...

World travel: Take a trip to Dubai with Qatar Airways

In our latest World travel articles we look at an exceptional airline’s business services. Once again elected best airline in 2021, Qatar Airways stands out...

Financial technology: Discover why the Cryptocurrencies are back

In his latest financial technology article Dave Deruytter asks what is new and what are the risks? Bitcoin is currently the best known cryptocurrency, and...

Cyber nomads: Is this the sexiest job in the world?

Cyber nomads are suffering as much as the rest of us, since their travel options have been severely curtailed by Covid-19. But who are...

Belgian insurance: Beat the cyber attacks with Hiscox

Hiscox's Jeremy D’hondt offers sound advice to fight off hacking and cyber attacks. Every company will suffer a cyber attack sooner or later. Being prepared...

Lifestyle Cars: Aston Martin AMR-C01 Racing Simulator

Aston Martin, with its AMR-C01 Racing Simulator, offers great news for boy and girl racers. Aston Martin has revealed the AMR-C01 Racing Simulator, the ultimate...

Technology: The Concept Of Property

Technology: Our tech guy Colin Moors looks at the concept of property. Ask yourself the question: Do I own it? The answer is almost certainly...

Technology: High Tech Food

Technology: Colin Moors looks into the progress of technology that is close to his heart... and his stomach - high tech food. "Ground control to...

Technology: Must-have gadgets

Technology: Our tech guy Colin Moors suggests some "must-have" gadgets that will help you settle back into work. By the time you get to read...

Technology: Giving Up… The Tech

Technology: Our tech guy Colin Moors looks at giving up... the tech. A difficult assignment from the editor - instead of waxing lyrical about the...
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