Le Mangeoire: A little bit of chi-chi Paris in the heart...

When I first moved to the Place de la Liberté quarter of Brussels, which also has the very pretty and evocative name of Notre...

‘More in things than in people’ – Helen O’Sullivan Tyrrell

Helen O’Sullivan Tyrrell’s latest exhibition is a reflection on our relationship with our belongings and ourselves. Irish artist and Green Door Gallery owner Helen O’Sullivan...

Swedish Ecstasy

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Klarafestival – ‘Become Music’

Festival artist Barbara Hannigan invites us to ‘become music’ The theme of this year’s Klarafestival is “become music”. Soprano and conductor Barbara Hannigan is the...

‘Into the West’ Nigel O’Reilly

Meet the Irish man who has made his mark in the world of ‘Haute Joaillerie’ Nigel O'Reilly describes his native Mayo and the West of...

Happy St Patrick’s Day: Ireland celebrates 50 years in Europe

In 1973 Ireland joined the European Communities. Together met with Ambassador Tom Hanney, Ireland’s Permanent Representative to the EU to find out why the...

Irish Film Festival

Interested in Irish cinema? Together has an interview with Colin Farrell recently nominated for the Oscars for the award of Best Actor in its...

Who am I?

The theme of this year’s PhotoBrussels Festival is Self-Portraiture. This is the 7th time the Korean Cultural Center has participated in this event and,...

Cokoon: luxury co-living

Together visited Maison Merjay to learn more about a new concept in co-living. Anne Lange and Christophe Parot are re-inventing the art of living. Following...

BEPS celebrates 50 years with an exceptional year

Catherine Feore met Pascale Hertay the Director of BEPS International School to find out why parents love the school, how it delivers for all...

Are we witnessing the end of the ‘strong man’?

I’ve always thought the term 'strong man' to describe people like Putin, Erdogan, Trump and Orban was a misnomer. If you’re strong you don’t...


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