Sunday, February 25, 2024

A celebration of the French language

Julian Hale seizes on the chance to immerse himself in the intricacies of the French language. A new tourist attraction close to Paris has just...

Ischgl from A to Z

Mark Browne kicks off the ski season with a look at the Austrian snow sports resort of Ischgl. The area is described as A...

Defy the crowds escaping south … a cosy ‘Vinterlund’ awaits

Christian Nielsen visits the university city of Lund in Sweden’s south for a masterclass in late-winter cosiness. Scandinavians do darkness better than anyone. While the...

Mons cultural capital of Wallonia

Mons was designated as the cultural capital of Wallonia in 2002. The city has a stunning amount of historical and cultural heritage and was...

Oh Vienna!

In search of the Viennese Secession Vienna is primarily associated with its exceptionally rich musical history. Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Schönberg, Schubert, Strauss and Mahler all...

New Year, New You: Reconnect to your inner beauty in Italy

Irina Oshchepkova tells us about the upcoming New Year’s eve retreat in Puglia, Italy Looking for a meaningful end-of-year getaway?  Release 2023 with gratitude and recharge...

Denver: Go West!

As another winter season approaches Mark Browne of Together considers the attractions of taking a transatlantic trip to Denver, capital of the US State...

Zurich: Culture re-imagined

Mark Browne of takes a fresh look at Zurich, one of Europe’s traditional cultural centres. With its well preserved historic old town quarter and renowned...

Homanie’s exquisite hidden gems 

Looking for an ideal retreat this summer? We offer a quick glance at the most recent additions to Homanie’s portfolio of exquisite dream rentals Created...

The Azores: A garden of Eden in the Atlantic

Irina Oshchepkova tells us why she was drawn to The Azores to run her yoga retreats Jaw-dropping hikes, stunning waterfalls, hot springs, sustainable accommodation, daily...
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