Journuit design: Find your furniture soulmates


Maison Armand Jonckers
The House of Armand Jonckers conceives exclusive works, bringing together refined metals, precious minerals, coloured resins and distorted objects “to suggest a poetic universe in a constant state of renewal. The search for a point of balance between the original raw material and the human touch”. It is one house, three designers, covering two generations: Armand, born in Lyon in 1939 to a French mother from Alsace and a Belgian father; Alexandra Jonckers, whose training included La Cambre in Brussels; and Grégoire Jonckers, the firm’s pioneer of new territory.

JOURNUIT DESIGNArmand was born in Lyon in 1939 to a French mother from Alsace and a Belgian father Trained at Beaux Arts de Lausanne in sculpture and engraving, He has been exploring new fields of inspiration since 1964, through which he feeds his creative imagination at the frontiers of design and art. The artist’s earliest sculptures are included in private collections in Paris, Brussels, Anvers and New York.

Alexandra brings a breath of creativity to the trio at the House. Trained in industrial design at the Beaux Arts de Lyon, Arts et Métiers [school of art and craft] in Brussels and La Cambre, also in Brussels, she is making her first inroads into designing accessories and stage design.

Grégoire is the firm’s pioneer of new territory. The sculpture in Armand Jonckers crystal, conceived by Grégoire for the Baccarat Hotel in New York, is a perfect illustration of this.