200 burglaries a day in Belgium


The fight against burglary is one of the priorities of the National Security Plan 2012-2015. Statistics supplied by the Federal Police, which must always be handled with care, show a decrease of almost 2.5 % in the number of burglaries (declared) in homes between the first half of 2012 (36,749) and the first half of 2013 (35,862). Is still adds up to 200 attempted burglaries per day. Burglaries in businesses and shops follow the same trend (9,341, -13.4%), as do as intrusions into utilities and administrative buildings (2,845 in 2013, -18.6% ).

Despite this encouraging data, Interior Minister Joëlle Milquet (CDH ) concluded her report on burglaries by saying: “The fight against burglary remains an ongoing challenge because of the magnitude of the phenomenon.”

The Minister insists that awareness and prevention are essential. She reminded the public that theft prevention counsellors are present in every police district, offering local people a free guide to securing their properties. As from 2014 a federal tax benefit (up to €750) will help citizens buy anti-burglary devices (anti-shatter glass, security locks, alarm systems, security doors). But it’s not certain how long this will last when responsibility for it is passed to the regions.

Milquet said that it is vital that citizens become actively involved in security by participating in local crime prevention partnerships between neighbourhood residents and the police.