2024 version of your entrepreneurial journey

Arnon Barnes

Arnon Barnes suggests some key factors to drive success in the new year

Every business owner knows that the path of being an entrepreneur is never the same and never boring. You can plan, but things happen. You can build, but things go wrong. You can prepare, but you better have a few emergency plans as well. The only thing that is certain is your heartfelt driving force and your fierce intent behind your vision. 

To build a thriving business you need to be constantly analyzing all the different moving parts. There is no business out there with worthy accomplishments without a continuous improvement system in place.

“To build a thriving business you need to be constantly analyzing all the moving parts”

To inspire your entrepreneurial juices for an astonishing 2024, here are some hot-seat pointers on how to keep your business relevant and profitable, no matter what happens.

Don’t take it personally

When things don’t go the way we planned, many of us tend to take the failures and mistakes personally. Especially if you are a solo entrepreneur. In business, it’s rarely personal. Although you might find things to point your finger at yourself, it’s usually a combination of many factors that results in sometimes unfortunate outcomes. When your emotions are under control and in check, sit with the situation and find all the moving parts that did not work well together. The methods, the expectations, the timing, the reactions. Examine all and you will find that it’s never personal but circumstantial at best. 

Team dynamics

Every business needs a team. It might not be a direct team that you employ, but many people contribute to your business. You won’t succeed without the knowledge and effort of others. The key to gathering the right team resources for your business is to know what you need at any certain moment while on your entrepreneurial journey. You need to constantly re-evaluate if your team is up to the task that you set for your business. Not operating with the right team can cost you dearly.

“Planning and updating your team dynamics is crucial for your business consistency and success”

Planning and updating your team dynamics is crucial for your business consistency and success. Make sure your team reflects the needs of your current journey and is aware and prepared for potential challenges ahead. 

Money mastery

I talk a lot on the subject of money mastery, and I firmly believe that one of the key skills for any entrepreneur is to be able to master the flow of money flow. Both, money flowing in and out the business. We tend to freeze up when the flow is slow and we often go into overdrive when the money is in abundance.

“Money mastery is never a short-term thought”

Money mastery is never a short-term thought. It needs to be present in your mindset continuously and always. Saving, investing, wisely spending, or simply accumulating and reinvesting are all important. The extent of your money mastery will directly reflect in your daily business strategy. Money is a powerful energy behind your business, but many tend to ignore this fact. It’s not ‘out there’. Money is the blood flow of your enterprise. So be smart about it. Take your time and make a plan so that money will be present and expanding within your business. It doesn’t need to be huge, it needs to be effective. 

Personality reflection

This is my favorite part of working with and coaching business owners and business leaders. The most crucial part of entrepreneurial growth is your understanding that your business is always a reflection of you. Big businesses cannot survive with small leaders.

“Never assume you are done learning and growing”

Never assume you are done learning and growing. There is always something out there that will boost you and has the capacity to expand your business. Knowledge accumulation and personal growth are a centrepiece of importance for every entrepreneurial journey. Look at where you are from a distance or find a coach who can see your journey and pinpoint what needs improvement. Having someone looking and identifying your blindspots can be life-changing and life-saving for you and your business. 

Additionally, do not stop experimenting, it’s the creative energy that will pull you into new ventures, amazing new products, and increasing adaptability to ever-changing markets. Make it a habit to constantly want to learn more efficient ways of how to invest your resources so your business will expand and flourish. 

In conclusion…

The sum of the entrepreneurial journey is not just about setting goals. It’s the consistent effort on your part to translate your vision into the practicalities of your day-to-day business. Remember, building a successful business takes time, it is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, but one that will be worthwhile. You being an entrepreneur is a present to the world, never forget that. Keep going, grow intelligently bigger, and expand to new prospects of amazing business success. Make 2024 a big year that you will be proud of!

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