50th anniversary Rolling Stones


    In honour of the 50th  anniversary of the Rolling Stones, the eBook People have produced a 2,000 page book celebrating the legacy of the band.50 Years of the Rolling Stones

    “The Rolling Stones 50 years: Views from the inside views from the outside” is a colourful look at the band and its history. It contains numerous contemporary press clippings and comments and gives readers a feel for the atmosphere of the time.

    It’s also stocked with images of the band through the years.

    The eBook people are offering a free copy of the ebook to the first Together Magazine reader to correctgly answer 5 questions about the Band.

    The closing date of the competition is August 1st , so think hard and see if you know the true history of the world famous English rock band.

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    The first reader to answer all five questions correctly is the winner. 

    50th anniversary Rolling Stones competition:

    • What year did drummer Charlie Watts join the Rolling Stones?

    • Which Stone was the original leader of the band?

    • What was the name of the 6th Rolling Stone?

    • Which guitarist replaced Brian Jones?

    • Who was Bill Perks?

    Send your replies by August 1. The first correct entry will receive a free eBook of
    The Rolling Stones 50 Years: Views from the Inside, Views from the Outside


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    Mick Jagger in handcuffs -  Getty Images

    Brian Jones -  Getty ImagesKeith Richards with Anita Pallenberg - Getty Images





    Charlie Watts - Getty ImagesMick and Bianca Jagger getting married - Getty Images