A hair salon for all


Gulcan Kaplan, owner of Ohara Salon, dreams about making all of her client’s dreams come true. At least when it comes to their hair. 

When visiting the salon, it was easy to see her concept works. The salon was fairly full at 2 pm on a Friday. But even without these amazing promotions, her salon could still stand up on its own.Upon arriving (no appointment necessary), clients are invited to hang up their coats and lounge around in the small waiting area, complete with magazines and a laptop for use. It’s doubtful that you will be waiting for long, though, and soon enough you will be sitting in one of the leather message chairs while getting your hair washed with quality haircare products and receiving a light head message. 

If a cut is what you’re there for, and Kaplan’s holding the shears, your new style will be delivered quickly and expertly. She’ll then proceed to style it in such a way as to make you say, “I look good!” and “I wish I knew how to do that!”  

“I offer the services I would like to have if I was going to a salon,” Kaplan said. “I give the clients what I would want and treat them how I would want to be treated.” 

Kaplan landed in beauty because she wanted to work with a team, she wanted to work in fashion and she wanted to make people beautiful. A hair salon was the answer. 

“It’s a nice place for everyone and that’s why I like it,” Kaplan said. “I meet a lot of new people and the relationships i have are special.” 

With 13 years of experience, Kaplan knows a thing or two about running a salon and delivering expert results to her clients. Her concept alone shows this–a daily promotion that continues every week. They are as follows: 

Monday: blow dry and brush for 10 euro 
Tuesday: cut and brush for 24 euros
Wednesday: 50 percent off color
Thursday: 15 euro cut for men
Friday: 30 percent off highlights
Saturday: 15 euro cut for students
Sunday: closed


For more information, go to http://www.ohara.be/pages/indexpag.html. No appointment necessary.