A Rosé By Any Other Name


Isabelle Forêt of Femivin hosted this event, which featured a selection of rosé wines that the hotel’s bar might choose to sell in the near future.

The three women who had been invited by Mme Forêt represented their French vineyards with poise while the guests listened and tasted the wines on offer.

Pascale Andrieux, manager of Domaine de la Croix on the Saint Tropez peninsula, took the tasting group through her three favourite wines. She explained that they are made for young, urban people who are looking for a modern wine. It is a drink for the summer, just as champagne is a wine for a wedding. Her choices were Irrésistible, Éloge and Bastide Blanche and they are all made from white grapes. The wines are meant to work well with Mediterranean or Asian food.

Women from Adeline de Barry’s family have run Château de Saint-Martin for generations, with the only exception being her grandfather. Monks first planted the vineyard in 1740, but the de Barry family came to own the winery soon after. As the guests chatted with Mme de Barry about family life, she served up her first choice Eternelle Favorite, a soft wine for the modern woman. “We all lead a crazy life, so sometimes we need to take two minutes to listen to some music and have a glass,” said de Barry. She created this soft wine with a team of agricultural experts to drink without food, she describes it as a sophisticated pleasure. The château also offered the tasters Grand Vésevue and Cru Classé.

Les Eoliers produces OG, which was served for the first time this year at the Cannes Film Festival. It’s a sparkling rosé, complete with floating gold flecks that catch you by surprise. You could indeed taste its elegance.