Accessible Art Fair Helps Connect Artists and Art-lovers


Created just four years ago by Canadian Stephanie Manasseh, the Accessible Art Fair has become a major event on the Brussels cultural calendar. Held in May and October in Brussels and February in Antwerp, the concept has been taken abroad to Tel Aviv and Vienna; Paris is in the works for next year.

Manasseh, 36, says that when she first moved to Brussels from Montreal she met a lot of ex-pats who were interested in art but intimidated by the language barrier, put off visiting galleries by what they deemed an unapproachable atmosphere. She decided to fill the gap with an event that would enable artists and art lovers to meet face-to-face. 

The occasion is an opportunity to acquire high quality, contemporary, and original artwork at affordable prices – up to a ceiling of €5,000 – and is beginning to attract serious buyers.

 “I tell people it’s not really about investing,” says Manasseh. “It’s about buying something you love.”

October’s event will showcase work by 50 artists – both established and emerging – including furniture made of cacti from France and, for the first time, an exhibitor from China. 

The fair runs 28 – 30 Oct.