Anti-Nuclear Sentiment Grows


The earthquake in Japan has sent shockwaves around the world regarding nuclear power, according to a Gallup survey.

According to a recent survey by Gallup, which was carried out in 47 countries (of 34,000 people), the number of Belgians supporting nuclear power has fallen to 34%. The international average is that 57% of people polled are against the energy system.

In total, according to the survey, 48% have confidence in the energy system, while 19% do not. The survey shows following the Japanese accident that the difference between pro and anti nuclear power has appreciably decreased.

Before the earthquake, 57% of those asked were said to have a favourable view of nuclear power and 32% were against. After the accident, in general 49% held a favourable opinion while 43% were on against nuclear power.

 “It should be noted that Belgium along with Germany, Switzerland and Brazil are countries where unfavourable opinions about nuclear power were already higher than the favorable opinions before catastrophe”, said Marc Dumoulin, of the research institute Dedicated Research.