Arnon Barnes: Maintaining Your Energy Levels


Personal Development: Arnon Barnes shares his thoughts on maintaining your energy levels for your business and personal life.

Albert Einstein said it best: “Everything is energy.” If you look around, you will see solid objects. Or at least the perception of solid objects. Solid objects are made up of atoms; constructed of 1% solid particle and 99% information. You can’t touch the 99% with your hand, but you can influence this information with your energy. Let’s say for instance that if your goal as a business owner is to create big results, either in the form of impact or money, then you are going to have to approach your entrepreneurial endeavours with big, heightened energy. When you approach your endeavours with low energy, you will get nothing more, just low results.

Now, more than ever it is extremely important to keep yourself in check. Your employees, clients and family members are counting on you to do so. In this article, I am going to be sharing my top ways for keeping your energy levels high.

Let me be honest with you: to balance my energy levels used to be very difficult for me. My health and wellbeing were not top of my priority list. I wasn’t always eating healthily and I certainly wasn’t getting enough hours of sleep. I would often wake up exhausted. Every day, I’d push myself to give all my energy to build and grow my companies. This didn’t help me in the long run, because it left me vulnerable to getting sick more quickly until, after years and years, my body simply said: “STOP!”

Entrepreneurship is extremely demanding and volatile. It’s important to understand that as a business owner you are constantly creating new forms of momentum. This requires you to be on top of your game so that you have the energy levels that create worlds and keep you healthy throughout.

Simply put, eat clean, drink plenty of water, exercise and get enough sleep.
Take care of yourself so you can take care of your business and your loved ones. Be grateful. You either feel good, or you don’t. There really is no in between. When you’re ungrateful and focus on the negatives in your business andlife, you will always feel as though things aren’t good enough.

For instance, when you’ve finally reached your goal of 1,000 clients or X amount of money and you immediately shift to, ‘oh but then I can have more!’, you aren’t truly grateful for your achievement, thus you will keep feeling unfulfilled. You will only want more, every time, believing a higher number is going to make you happy. That is why it is important to cultivate appreciation for all the things you have right now, all the ‘small’ successes along the way. When you stop and express gratitude, you emit a powerful high energy into the universe, leaving you feeling blessed and abundant, and you will get more of what you want.

Lastly, you are the average of the five people you hang around with most. Even though you might not want to admit it, your environment is stronger than your will. Let me give you an example: I can place you on the top of Mount Everest in your bathing suit, and no matter how hard you don’t want to freeze to death and die, you eventually will. You see, your environment is stronger than your will. The same goes for the people you hang around with. You might think you’re not being influenced, but let telly subconsciously you are. Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up and heighten your energy, because a person with the highest energy will always influence someone with a lower energy.

Whatever happens in the world around you, even when your business might have taken a big hit and things are uncertain, it never means it’s the end. We always have control over the fundamentals I mentioned above. Take care of yourself and your business. Change one or two things in your business model and approach. Take simple, focused actions consistently. By making the shift, you will be and feel more in control. Over time, it will help you create the most impact and have lasting success.

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