Arnon Barnes: Safari Leadership Experience


During the many bush walks we do, we learn about animal tracking for example. One of the main things to take into account while doing this is recognizing the animal’s patterns, knowing their behaviour so we can predict it. Follow the pattern and you’ll be able to locate the animal faster. The upside is our brains are designed to search for patterns. The downside is the majority of the time it searches for negative patterns because our reptile brain is there to protect us. I am going to challenge you and ask you to search for patterns in your company that work. Then, as simple as it sounds, do more of that. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work.

A big thing we also focus on while trekking through the bush is navigation and situational awareness. We all have our senses like sight, hearing, touching and smelling and use them every second of every day. Mostly we aren’t even aware that we use them, but our senses together with our past experiences will inform us and help us identify what is going on. Thousands of times a day we identify and assess the situations we are in and what is happening around us, and then we choose a way to respond to that. Being out in the bush helps us become more aware of this mechanism and how to use it mindfully in our everyday lives and businesses. When you can be situationally aware in your business, you will be able to identify, assess and react to any situation that arises with confidence, and keeping on track to your main goal.

We are all in a process. The process of life. It’s inevitable. Life will teach you, and if you are open you will learn from it. However, I believe that by deliberately educating yourself through theory and experience you will speed this process up exponentially. Getting you from where you currently are to where you want to be much faster!

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