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Robbie Stakelum: Four tips for preventing burnout

Life coach Robbie Stakelum looks at what we can do to manage commitments The summer break was great for disconnecting from work, leaving behind stress...

Personal Development: The Dance Of Life

Personal Development: Sarbani Sen challenges PMS to a duel and observes the dance of life.   As a woman, we regularly (I would even say monthly)...

Travel France: Rediscover glamorous Nice’s Hotel la Perouse

In our latest Travel France article Mark Browne is enchanted by Nice, its attractions and the boutique, spectacularly situated Hotel la Perouse. The Côte D’Azur,...

Coaching books: Discover how to make more of time itself

Our latest Coaching books article says that you don't have to get everything done. ‘Organise Tomorrow Today’ by Jason Selk, Tom Bartow and Matthew Rudy The...

Personal coaching: Discover how to be clear, positive, bigger

In our latest Personal coaching article International speaker, Peak Performance trainer and business mentor Arnon Barnes tells you his top three tips. We have had...

Coaching success: Books that can take you to the top

Our latest Coaching success book comes from the pen of a man who knows how to get things done. Getting Things Done: The Art of...

Nutrition advice: Discover intuitive eating and the anti-diet approach

In our latest Nutrition advice article Fitness & Nutrition Coach Zita Gacser talks about something that seems so unbelievable. Imagine a life where there are...

Public speaking: Twenty Terrific Tips for Top-Notch Talks – Part II

In his latest public speaking article Matthew Cossolotto offers the second part of his excellent public speaking tips. In my new book, The Joy of...

Public speaking: Twenty Terrific Tips for Top-Notch Talks – Part I

Public speaking expert Matthew Cossolotto offers precious advice on how to wow your audience. My new book, The Joy of Public Speaking, includes a detailed...

Professional Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-In

Our latest professional coaching article looks at Brett Bartholomew, a strength and conditioning coach, author, consultant and Founder of Art of Coaching™. His experience...
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