Astrology advice: From duality to unity through alchemy

ASTROLOGY ADVICE EMERALD TABLET Engraved image emerald tablet 1609, by Heinrich Khunrath

In our latest Astrology advice article Axel TRINH CONG investigates an alchemical formula.

What is below is like what is above, and what is above is like what is below. The formula (from an alchemical text known as the Emerald Tablet) is popular and is subject to countless meditations and interpretations, which makes it so rich. But beyond this concept of High and Low duality, there is above all a call to transcend it in order to find unity.

The interest of this sentence is first of all to appropriate it and make it resonate in oneself, in relation to what each individual experiences. This is one of the ways to alchemize, to operate the inner transmutation process. To feel where and how it touches us inside. Feel where and how it resonates within us. What it moves. What is illuminated, revealed, softened, reassured, questioned etc. If this sentence illustrates a principle, a law of universal value, its application, how it is experienced, felt, implemented is, on the other hand, personal and, consequently, multiple. And each of the ways in which this principle is internalized is fundamentally correct because it is a reflection of the person experiencing it. So, there is no interpretation of these words, but as many speculations as there are beings.

If I can give you some interpretations, they will only be mine and, therefore, the reflection of who I am at this moment. For your part, do not fail to do the exercise, which will be much richer than that of reading what I think.

ASTROLOGY ADVICE YING AND YANGMy joy, as a medium and a companion, is to reconnect to your own power and to make you autonomous. Don’t follow my footsteps.

Make your own. I could say that this formula could have 253,017 billion other possibilities:
– if Heaven seems infinite to you, the same goes for your power on Earth; – if the Earth seems concrete to you, the invisible is an equally tangible reality; – if we receive messages from ‘up there’ to guide us during our passage on Earth, our earthly experience is also a source of teaching and inspiration for up there. It goes both ways. Top and Bottom dialogue equally. Equal because one is not better than the other: one gives meaning to the other; – if there is a justice of mankind, there is also a divine righteousness. Our job is to make the two coincide, to bring them together, to embody Spirit and spiritualize Matter; – Etc.

This applies to the apparent opposition of a High and a Low. Because it gets better. Alchemy, in fact, invites us to go beyond not only what opposes, but also what unites. “What is the sound of a single clapping hand?” – kōan (a Zen practice to provoke the ‘great doubt’) If this sentence from the Emerald Tablet speaks to us of two separate but similar worlds (Highand Low), it is above all a call to reunite them, to see, to feel that both are only One. It is an invitation to transcend duality to find unity. Unity can only be found once the mirage of duality has been transcended. In the representation of the world and the experience that is uniquely mine, unity is our natural state. Hence, this aspiration to live it fully. Quite simply because it already exists in us: it is our nature. And because it is our nature, it prompts us to be experienced in this particular environment that is the Earth, in this very special circumstance that is the incarnation and whose intrinsic characteristics are duality.

If unity is our nature, choosing the incarnation comes down to experiencing this deep nature in an environment that takes on the appearance of a provocation, a challenge. Our experience of Oneness on Earth is, therefore, all the more powerful and meaningful. Though unity is our deep nature, we are not always aware of it, simply because it is there. By incarnating on Earth, one can only feel the absence, the lack. This call, which then comes from deep within us, obliges us to redo the path towards it in order – this time – to make it aware.

There is no better way to rediscover Oneness than by incarnating in a place that separates us from it, obliging us to retrace the path – in consciousness – towards it and thus to make it fully ours. It is only my reaction to it, and is also likely to evolve because I am a living being. Be sure to exercise discernment. Feel how this proposition resonates with you. Welcome what speaks to you and leave the rest there. This is how we reconnect with our deep Nature.

Axel TRINH CONG Medium – therapist (Brussels) Body – mind – soul alignment • constellations • tarot card • soul messages 40 I

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With all my heart, Axel