Astrology: Seeing stars


Have you heard about Astro-coaching? What do the planets have to say about our daily lives? What is the impact of the Moon, Venus and Mars, or Uranus, Pluto and the Sun? I’d like to tell you about the first encounter with my teacher and how I started going deeper into this art of reading a birth chart.

When I first went to see him, I expected to hear about my future and how successful I would be in the next two to five years and how I would meet the man of my life a couple of months later, and be married happily ever after. Well none of that happened.

Instead, what my astrology teacher told me that day really made a difference to the vision I had of my humble self. It changed my life perspective and the way I handled my daily life. Thanks to his insights, I could finally grasp why I wanted to do the things I did (without understanding them because I thought they were weird), and why at certain hours of the day I became like a grizzly and why at some periods I hunted for sex (and felt very ashamed about it).

In Astrology we compute your birth chart using the date, time and place of birth. Everything has a meaning and an impact –.this doesn’t mean we can’t do anything. On the contrary, Astrology helps us to better manage the beautiful ‘self’ we get to carry in this life and asks us to be caring and understanding of it.

To start with we’ll look at the personal planets, the ones that affect us every day. Roughly, we will screen the Sun (the social self), the Moon (the body, instincts, needs), Venus (love and romance), Mars (work, energy, husband), Mercury (intellect, communication), Jupiter (success) and Saturn (duties and challenges). Uranus, Pluto and Neptune are slower planets which will rule a whole generation – usually we don’t go deep into them as they will give us more sociological information.

We also need to take into account the ‘house’ in which the planet is found. Imagine life as a stage and pretend that the planet is the actor wearing the costume of a sign. The house could be seen as the setting where the scene is shot.

In Astrology, we consider that the Sun is the first ‘hat’ that life will ask us to wear in this scenario. It represents the way we show ourselves in social life, the ‘façade’ us. Our ‘rising planet’ (or ascendant) is the second hat we have to wear. We usually start using it by our forties once, we’ve mastered the first one. Having a mid life crisis? Sudden changes in your likings and beliefs? Look at the ascendant: there might be some information there. For the third and last hat, we look at our ‘mid heaven’.

For example, the Moon will tell us about our inner child, our most basic needs, the way we live in our bodies. Of course, we have to look at all the other planets too and the way they interact amongst each other: opposition, square or conjunction, all that will give us more information on the scenario that is unfolding for us.

In Astro-coaching, we use Astrology as a map of possibilities and potentials, whether they are exploited or not. It works for all areas of our daily life: work, challenges and potentials, new projects, new marriage, problems with children etc…

For example, I have a Sun in Aquarius. What does that mean? Aquarians have a tendency to think global, collective and ahead of their times, constantly striving to make things better for all. Maybe this is why we find many of them in sociology studies, education and coaching.

The Moon in Aries, for example, tells you where you get all that energy from, why you need to do sports every day or pick fights more than is necessary. When I became aware of that, I took up physical exercise as a new religion, and it actually saved my relationship. This is, of course, only one example of what a moon in Aries can do for you.

And finally, a little look at Venus. If in Pisces like me (added to a Black Moon in Libra) you have the perfect recipe for a serial lover. But we’ll keep the details of that one for another time?

Astro-coaches can also look at the couple as a whole, called ‘synastry’. Together we can discover the challenges, the strengths and the real meaning of being together.

Photos: Chart: Zachariel, stars: Egres73