Audi’s Brussels car plant launches new model


It is 5 years since the closure of  Audi Brussels’ predecessor, the VW factory in Foret with 5,000 job losses.

The German automaker has high expectations for the Sportback and the Foret plant is flexible enough to accommodate growing demand which might rise to 30,000 cars in 2012.

Audi says that it has made the Brussels plant competitive for the future. And there is good news on the employment front as 150 of the 450 temporary workers in 2012 will get a permanent contract. This will increase the number of permanent staff from 2,400 to 2,550.

The unions are delighted with the arrival of the new version of the A1. “Audi believes in Brussels, says MEP ACV-Pascal Van Cauwenberghe. “In Germany they are very satisfied with Brussels and the A1 and the unions are hoping for the arrival of a second model to Brussels. 

Also, Benoît Cerexhe Minister of Economy, Brussels-Capital Region reacted favourably: “This is good news. After all, we have come a long way, “said Cerexhe, referring to the closure of VW Foret, the predecessor of Audi Brussels.