Aurélien Karim Marcel – From auditor to stand up comedian


At school in France the dream of Aurélien Karim Marcel was to be a footballer but he ended up working as an auditor in England. “My greatest talent was in fact making my friends laugh in the playground but it took a number of years before had the courage to get on stage and make a career out of it.”

After working in England,  Aurélien moved to the Netherlands, then Japan, and then to the United States. For a decade he traversed the world until he reached the home of Tintin: Brussels.

It was here that he finally began to turn his hand to comedy and in December 2009 found himself onstage at the “Scène ouverte” show in Brussels. He was a great success. His brand of incisive humour about the two cultures of Belgium and his ironic perspective on current events struck the right chord with the audience and a new career for him had been launched.

Now he has swapped the sharp suits and ties of the world of finance for the theatres of Brussels, Wallonia also in Paris. He is now found every on the Brussels comedy radio station Foo Rire FM doing a daily skit on the day’s news.

On May 11 he will be putting his witty humour on show in English at NATO an event organised by the association ‘Make a Wish’.

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