Beautiful jewellery: Lori Lori is cool, classic and colourful

Lori Lori

In our latest Beautiful jewellery article Liz Newmark talks to up rising young jewellery star called Loris.

With the aim of creating jewellery “for everyone, whoever you are and whatever your style,” the vibrant Lori Lori brand has taken the young jewellery market in the Netherlands by storm.

“Whether it’s bold, sleek, sassy or classy, we have the right items for everybody,” founder Loris, just 22 years old, tells Together. “Our goal is to give people the ability to elevate each and every outfit.”

In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, she launched her colourful, classic jewellery pieces. In less than ten months the brand reached six figures. Her main selling platforms, TikTok and Instagram, are a perfect match for the brand’s young, vibrant image. Pop-up stores in the Netherlands are also planned to market her eminently affordable – they are all under €40 – pieces.

The Netherlands-based brand is also big on sustainability, using packaging 100% free from plastic. “Our keyword in the production process is made to order,” Loris says. “We never have leftovers and have zero waste. All our pieces are lovingly handcrafted in our atelier with real freshwater pearls and stainless steel. I believe that everything done by heart is done well.”

Initially, the young Dutch designer did not envisage a career in jewellery. She went to law school after graduating. “But I quickly found I did not like it at all,” she told Together. “Being in books 24/7. All I did was study at home with no room for any creativity. Being stuck in this environment inspired me to start my business. So I did a 360, quit  law school, started studying personal shopping/styling and got a job as a sales assistant for a designer brand.” 

But that was not enough, Loris realised she wanted to do something for herself. “I got creative and took my old bead box when I made bracelets with my mum and grandmother. I wanted to add something more special and looked for freshwater pearls and clay beads. Before I knew it, I had collected thousands of beads and had creations I wore on a daily basis. I got a lot of compliments and family and friends starting wearing them as well. This is when I knew, this is going to be it.”

Lori Lori pieces come in six collections including Colourful, Custom and Classics. Her latest ‘Summer 22’ range – think smiley-sweet multicoloured necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings – perfectly reflects life on the beach. 

“Our current favourite piece is the customisable ‘Cali’ pearl necklace, a perfect item for a classy look,” Loris says. “We can put names and dates of your loved ones or just a fun, cute, catchy phrase or word.” Indeed, the necklace on the website announces “But Daddy I love him.”

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