Belgian actor to star in life of ‘Cloclo’


With Belgium’s Jéremie Reinier in the lead role “Cloclo” tells the life story of the superstar who was tragically electrocuted in the bath in 1978. Jéremie Renier closely resembles the French superstar.

Claude François was a French pop singer, songwriter and dancer. He wrote “Comme d’habitude – the original version of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” which was reworked in English by Paul Anka.

He became famous mostly doing French versions of American pop songs. In 1962 he recorded a cover version in French of an Everly Brothers song, “Made to Love” (aka Girls Girls Girls). Written by Phil Everly, it had been only a minor hit in America but François’ rendition titled “Belles Belles Belles” rocked to the top of the French charts, selling close to two million copies and making him an overnight star.

In 1963 he followed the first success with another French adaptation of an American song, this time recording “If I Had a Hammer” in French as “Si j’avais un marteau”.

Capitalizing on his blond good looks, he mimicked Elvis Presley’s stage style as well as the slicked-back hair. Performing in sequined suits, François gave high-energy stage performances that had hordes of adoring teenage fans racing to the music shops to purchase his latest record or lining up to buy a ticket for his shows.

In March 1978 he tragically died in the bath when trying to adjust and electric light above the tub and was accidentally electrocuted. His tragic death at only 39 years of age brought a wave of public sympathy for a French “national treasure”.