Belgian beer triumphs on export markets


Last year exports of Belgian beer exports rose to 11 million hectolitres reports the Federation of Belgian Brewers, an increase of 4.7%. In money terms the increase was even more impressive, but exact figures are not yet available.

78% of Belgian beer exports go to other EU countries, especially the neighbouring countries. Exports beyond the EU however have risen by 17%. The big Belgian beer boozers are now the Japanese – up a thumping 73.5% – and the Americans – plus 16.7%.

The lion’s share of Belgian beer exports consists of lager, but the fast growing sector is the speciality beer.

Impressive export growth has been enjoyed by the Grimbergen, Affligem and the Trappist beers: Westvleteren, Orval and Chimay.

Leuven-based AB InBev is responsible for half of all Belgium’s beer exports. AB InBev markets popular brands including the Stella Artois lager, the Hoegaarden white beer and abbey beer Leffe.