Belgian charity: CAP48 against disability prejudice


This Belgian charity tackles prejudice against people with disabilities.

CAP48 is a Belgian organization founded in 1957 that allows the collection of funds intended mainly for people with disabilities in the French Community and the German-speaking Community of Belgium. It has the slogan “So that disability is no longer a handicap, together even if we are different.” It is also a television program broadcast in Belgium on La Une (RTBF).

On 23 September 1957, radio host Jean-Claude Mennessier made an appeal to listeners in favour of people in need. The listeners had to dial 48.81.00. In 1967, the solidarity action was structured into a non-profit organization and took the name of Operation of Solidarity 48.81.00. Over the years, the operation has focused mainly on people with disabilities. As the original name indicated a phone number that became obsolete, it was renamed CAP48 in 2003 on the occasion of the European Year of the Disabled Person. In 50 years, it has raised €50 million, divided into 2,237 projects.

In addition to funding projects, CAP48 aims to change people’s view of disability and to promote the integration of people with disabilities into everyday life. CAP48 is the involvement of a network of more than 8,000 volunteers, RTBF, partner companies such as VW, Electrabel, CBC Bank and Insurance, the National Lottery, Proximus, Mobistar, Base, Entra, as well as public authorities. All of this makes CAP48 a great citizen mobilization movement with a great momentum of solidarity. At the heart of this movement is the mobilization of many volunteers adhering to different principles; a full and active participation in a world with more solidarity, a commitment to others and an action that exceeds the interest of the individual.

The television and radio channels of RTBF mobilize all year round for CAP48. The operation ends with a big evening broadcast on RTBF (La Une, La Trois with sign language and on La Première radio) live from Studio Media Rives of RTBF (Liège) and duplex donations centre ENTRA (Heppignies). Many artists participate in the show. Throughout the evening, celebrities face all sorts of challenges.

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