Belgian chocolate: Going nuts for Macolat


This adventurous Belgian firm, Macolat, believes in shared values and is going nuts for Belgian chocolate.

Maison Macolat is a unique luxury chocolate brand that marries the world’s finest nut – the macadamia – with the world’s best chocolate from Belgium. The Maison Macolat story begins as far back as 1883, when the Bunge family set sail from Germany, on board the Samson, bound for the subtropical region of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Upon arriving in this new world, the Bunge family founded Friedewald Farm, meaning ‘peaceful forests’ in their native German.

Working together with the local Zulu people, Friedewald was transformed into an agricultural gem. While the Bunge family continued their agricultural adventure in South Africa, other family members remained in Europe where they rose to prominent stature, forming the renowned Bunge trading company in the city of Antwerp, Belgium. Trading on the famous Graanmarkt in the heart of Antwerp, the Bunge empire facilitated the important movement of agricultural goods. The family settled in the outskirts of Antwerp at the beautiful estate of Oude Gracht, originally constructed in 1881.

Six generations after his ancestors set off on their African adventure, Julian Bunge, CEO and founder of Maison Macolat, embarked on a new adventure, bringing the exclusive macadamia nut from South Africa to Europe. In order to bring the macadamia nut to the world in the most elegant and luxurious way, Julian has partnered with one of Belgium’s most renowned confectionery chefs, combining the nut with the finest Belgian chocolate in order to create the unique Macolat.

In founding Maison Macolat, Julian continues the legacy of his Antwerp-based relatives. Based upon a spirit of adventure, innovation and excellence, Maison Macolat represents what can be created when the elements of discovery are pushed.
Maison Macolat’s key words are high quality, craftsmanship, heritage, sustainability, uniqueness and discovery. These are brought to life in all areas of the business. Maison Macolat fully believes in the idea of ‘shared value’. This is the basis for its ‘Macademy’.

Friedewald Farm lies on the edge of local tribal land, which, despite being located at the heart of the Macadamia microclimate, currently produces no or little economic value. The chief of this tribal land asked Maison Macolat to partner with the local community by bringing economic revival through Macadamia plantation development. Through assisting in the transformation of this community, it ensures that the highest
quality, locally grown macadamia nut meets you in the form of Macolat.

Consequently, a once impoverished community becomes empowered through Agricultural Training and Development, Leadership Development and Higher Education. Such positive interaction, engagement and empowerment will create a close-knit and cross-cultural community, with a sense of purpose, shared values and hopes for the future. The chocolates come in Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Ruby Chocolate and Yoghurt.

The macadamia nut

The ‘King of Nuts’, as the Macadamia is affectionately known, is the world’s most exquisite nut. As the ruler of the nut kingdom, its smooth, creamy taste and rich texture allow for the finest gastronomic experience. The macadamia represents just 1% of the world’s total nut supply.

Maison macolat
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