Belgian design: It’s not a bike, it’s an ECCE!


A young Belgian design company is making serious inroads in the bicycle market.
Formed in Bruxelles in 2012, surrounded by exceptionally skilled engineers and craftsmen, ECCE Cycles mobilizes its talents to build a prestigious brand that encompasses originality and technology.

ECCE Cycles liberates itself from the set codes to take form to another level. With the work of the designer Pierre Lallemand, it has given birth to unique and exclusive products, with elegant, sweeping curves that, as they proudly state, “open up the boundaries of aestheticism to new horizons”. Asked to define ECCE Cycles, they have two words at the tip of their tongue: excellence and innovation.

They have liberated themselves from the formalism of current urban bicycles in which still bear the double triangle format that has characterized the bicycle for 150 years. “The form creates a challenging and enigmatic object; the bicycle becomes an object of desire, an object of pleasure. It is no longer a matter of riding a bike: one is astride an unusual object, a true piece of art.”

Two are two distinct ranges:

Opus Carbon
Carbon is a material that is already used in the manufacture of bicycles thanks to its properties of robustness and lightness. The laws of physics are turned on their head and the sensation of weightlessness is very real.

Opus Wood
Object of reflection on urban mobility by its designer Pierre Lallemand, the Opus Cruise “W” is also an innovation that provides an artistic solution to today’s issues of transport and to those of the future. Wood is a natural material which enables an intellectual and gracious approach. ECCE Cycles has chosen to use ash tree, maple and cherry tree, which are aesthetic, rigid, and light woods, already used for the construction of boats. Available in 2017 in 20 units.

Happy cycling!