Belgians prefer their cars to public transport


In 2010 just one in five Belgians took the train. Asked about their intentions in 2012 only one in six of the 4,000 surveyed countrymen intended to take the train. 

Just 3.5% will use the tram and bus. This downward trend is evident among the 20-35 year olds where a 8.3 percent decline was registered.

This emerges from the latest research undertaken for the BeXpertise Trend Barometer research.

The perception is that public transportation is less reliable. What if the bus is late? What if the train home is canceled? Were the concerns of the users interviewed according to BeXpertise.

The barometer shows that Belgians have full confidence in their private cars, which represent control and security. More than 55 percent of Belgians go by car to work.