Belgium holidays: Pamper yourselves in the Ardennes


In our Belgium holidays page this month we give you some tips for beating the wintry weeks.

As the cold and the greyness settles once more into your daily routine, it makes you to curl up by the fire or luxuriate in a sauna. Give in! Your body needs it. But your body also needs oxygen and contact with nature. Good news: spend a weekend in the Ardennes and all these needs and more will be met!

Here are our ideas for pampering yourself in the Ardennes.

Relax by the fireside
Fire in the hearth warms the house and our hearts. A wood fire sets the scene for a stay that is as soft as cotton wool.

Get out of the house for at least hour every day
Maybe it’s raining, maybe it’s windy, maybe the sky is completely grey. Yes, nature needs autumn and winter to restore health, and also necessary transition periods for your body. To cope with it, go out – in any weather! On the one hand, it’s oxygenating you and it’s very necessary because, in this season, we all spend more time indoors. Secondly, if the sky is clear, natural light offers you a supply of vitamin D that is vital for your fitness (and the growth of your children). Finally, the great outdoors boosts the immune system.

Reinforce your taste buds
It’s not for nothing that the kitchen is fashion. Eating well is good for the body and the soul so do not deprive yourself! Winter is the season of dishes to share: simmered, raclette, tartiflette, fondue… spoil yourself during your stay.

Many of our holiday homes – whether large or small, rustic or contemporary – boast a wellness area. Indoor pool, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi – there is something for everyone.

Genuine wellbeing
A session of sauna, hammam or jacuzzi has real benefits for your health. The dry heat of the sauna tends to tone the body, but it’s vital to take a cool shower afterwards – don’t be afraid, it’s really good for you. The humid heat of the hammam will relax you more. In parallel, sweating caused by the heat of a sauna or a hammam cleanses the skin and eliminates toxins.

BELGIUM HOLIDAYS To reinvigorate yourself this winter, there is nothing like a little escape to somewhere nearby. For example, in the Ardennes, in one of the Ardennes-Etape holiday homes.

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