Botswana luxury accommodation on safari


Luxury Tree tree-houses in the Okavango Delta

Imagine sleeping high up in the trees, with all the luxury you could possibly wish fo, looking over a plain with antelope and elephants crossing. All this whilst enjoying a G&T after a beautiful game drive. Welcome to Kwetsani.

Many luxury tented camps in Botswana are special, Ketwani is just that bit more special. Daniel and Charmaine make you feel right at home and every dinner at the common table is like a reunion of friends.  In Kwetsani, Wilderness Safaris have got the balance between a relaxed informal atmosphere and luxury just right.

botswana luxuryA haven of luxury
Located in the centre of the Jao private Concession, Kwetsani Camp is set on a tree covered elongated island and is surrounded by some of the most exciting wildlife in Botswana. This haven of boutique luxury in one of the most stunning setting in the world offers a cosy common areas and 5 large luxury tents built high up in the trees offering sweeping vistas of the surrounding areas.

The main area is very spacious and with the dining room, lounge and bar situated under a thatched roof and like the rooms, it is about 7m metres off the floor as to ensure the best possible views.

Between safaris, you can relax on your very private deck, take an outdoor shower (if you don’t mind the odd elephant or antelope looking up) or you can take a dip in the plunge pool.

Fabulous Flood
During the high floods in May and June the water is right up to the camp and can actually come underneath the tree-house chalets. This is definitely the best time to visit because most of the game is concentrated on the islands and the flooded plains full of Lechwe and Wildebeest offer a view you will never forget.

Each year floodwater flows into the Okavango from its source in the moist African highlands over 1000 km away. These floodwaters flow from their catchment southwards and into the Kalahari Desert to create a unique wetland that supports and sustains a huge diversity of wildlife.

Private Concession
The beauty of the Wilderness Safari camps lies in the fact that most of them are located in private concessions so you get very, very, very few  people in large area which makes for game viewing as it should be: remote and in contact with nature. Moreover, night drives are permitted in the Jao Reserve and a night encounter with a price of lions is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.