Botswana: Safari as it should be


Most Wilderness camps are located in private concessions: very large pristine wildlife areas with only a few tented camps. You will only have to share nature with giraffes, buffalo, lions, elephants and antelopes.  Being located in these concessions also means the safari vehicles can go off-road to find wildlife, which makes all the difference.

BOTSWANA Be prepared to wake up early though, because animals are most active at sunrise. You will be back at camp around 10h30, and after a hearty brunch and a siesta, you will want to go out on the late afternoon drive, generally followed by sundowners (read gin & tonics) in an epic spot.

A safari in Botswana is truly unique, and Wilderness Safari has managed to combine the adventure of yesteryear with comfort and luxury.

Where to go
There are many amazing locations, but the one place that makes Botswana special is the Okavango Delta (although not technically a delta, but ‘Okavango fluvial floodplain’ did not have the same ring to it).This exceptional habitat is created by the water from the Okavango River pouring into a basin created by the Great Rift Valley. The steady flow of water supports life all year around and creates a magical place when the water levels are high. Besides the delta, the Chobe Savuti area is wonderful, and the Kalahari is one of my favourite places in Africa.

How long to stay for?
My advice: don’t rush it. Botswana is not around the corner, so take your time and spend at least three nights in each tented camp and two weeks in the country.

When to go
This is a tricky question. The answer really depends on where you go. But you can visit Botswana all year around.

The rainy season lasts from November to March. The environment will be lusher but wildlife is harder to spot. However, it is a great time to visit the Kalahari because the water attracts animals to this dry region. The best time to visit the Delta is from April to August when the water level is high and the wildlife concentrated on the small islands. The ideal time for the Chobe Savuti area would be the dry season, which lasts from May to October. However, prices are seasonal, so going out of season is always worth considering.

How to get there
The gateway to most locations in Botswana is Maun on the southern edge of the Delta. Both Air Botswana and South African Airways offer daily flights from Johannesburg.

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Photography : Yasemin  Yenilmez