Self defence: How to defend yourself


Rachid Mallem offers up helpful self-defence tips.

Over the past few years, martial arts have become increasingly popular, particularly self-defence training. This builds on the global approach of martial arts which helps individuals to develop their capacity mentally, physically and even spiritually.

Preparing to be attacked looks scary, but learning self-defense techniques can provide you with a feeling of self-confidence and self-control, knowing that you’ll be able to have the right reflex under pressure. The discipline of self-defense can be adapted to suit people of all ages, from the youngest to seniors. There are no specific target age groups – everyone can learn something.

There are little things that can prevent being attacked and help you face certain situations in an effective way. For instance, think of taking out of your bag things you immediately need to avoid wasting of time and creating a lack of awareness before getting into your car. If you feel someone behind your back, make sure no one has followed you before entering your house. We are always thinking about too many things at once which prevents us from thinking about those easy reflexes we should have.

What can I do to defend myself if I’m being attacked? And how can I prevent this situation in the first place?

Let’s go through some tips

  1. Look around you
  2. Walk wide around building corners
  3. React fast
  4. Watch your drink
  5. No issues… Run and scream!

Home break-ins, carjacking, sexual assault
In today’s world, safety matters are becoming a higher priority for more and more people. There are so many situations that carry a risk of attack.

We never know when it might happen, because we don’t plan to be attacked so we must become more aware of our surroundings. Discover the benefits of learning self-defence basics and be prepared to protect yourself.  You’ll increase your self-confidence and learn something new at the same time. Self-defense skills improve our balance not only physically by strengthening the core muscles, but also mentally, allowing us to stay focused and in control of our bodies.

No rules
There are no rules. If you are in danger, in trouble or threatened you do anything and everything you can to get away to safety. Mobility and flexibility are important. At Aspria clubs, we offer our members and guests Functional and Mobility classes. The midsection (abs) is reinforced, and this lower back tonification increases the mobility of all muscles around your spine area. Moreover, thanks to core conditioning classes you will develop your ‘explosivity’ – you will be stronger and able to endure longer. You will not think twice if you have to react fast and run away.

Your vocal chords
Finally use your voice as a self-defence tool. Do not hesitate to draw attention to your situation by screaming out: “Help!”, “Police”, “Back off!” “No!” Using these words are an excellent way of getting attention if you feel threatened.

And what if I have no choice but to fight back? The answer is: “Yes absolutely. Fight back is specific to some of the martial arts discipline such as (Taekwondo, Muay Thai or Karate).
Rachid Mallem is Wellbeing Manager at Aspria Brussels Arts-Loi