Brännland cider: Passion, expertise and the ambition


A prestigious wine-tasting event invited Brännland cider -Swedes who make sweet cider.

For the past ten years Catherine and Philippe Cohen of CDP Fine Wines and the St Emillion Grand Cru vineyard Vieux Château Taillefer have invited producers from around the world to take part in a major tasting at Anthocyanes, in the heart of St Emilion.

The event is a link between producers and trade driven by passion, expertise and the ambition to achieve and present wines of excellence. This year Anthocyanes brings together an exceptional line-up of winemakers such as Jaques Selosse Champagne, Krug Champagne, Pio Cesare and of course Château Vieux Taillefer to a tasting that took place at the beginning of this month. So much for the excellent wines but they have also invited a surprise guest to the party: Brännland Cider.

Andreas Sundgren Graniti, Brännland Cider said: “We’re humbled by, and grateful for, this opportunity given us by CDP Fine Wines to participate at Anthocyanes. To be included is a recognition of our ambition to make an ice cider at par with the best premium sweet wines. We’re looking forward to presenting our ciders to some of the foremost men and women of the fine wines world.”

What is Ice Cider?
Ice Cider was developed in Quebec, Canada in the early 1990s and is an ice-wine made using apples instead of grapes. In 2005 a denomination of quality was established in Quebec. The denomination states that the apple juice used to make Ice Cider should be concentrated with the help of natural cold.

Cider and gastronomy
Brännland Ice Cider is very recognizable as a classic dessert wine but also sets itself apart from many other sweet wines by its pronounced freshness. It accompanies classic desserts and goes well with cheeses such as Comté. Ice Cider easily works as an aperitif but the acidity and freshness opens up to new and exciting combinations with savory food.