Bridging Colors: Art Exhibition by China-Europe Women Artists


As nature begins its rejuvenation, the China Cultural Center in Brussels extends a warm welcome to women artists hailing from diverse linguistic and national backgrounds.

Art connects and serves as the common language of these artists, fostering mutual understanding and respect. It transcends geographical boundaries and disregards differences, intertwining a vibrant tapestry of friendship with its unique allure.

To boost cultural exchange between China and Europe, artists from China, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, and Ukraine, exhibit almost 60 pieces across a spectrum of mediums, including Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, acrylic, watercolor, textile art, and sculpture.

The China Cultural Center invites all to visit their spring “art garden”, to  take the time to appreciate and immerse yourself in the dazzling and colourful creations of these talented women artists.

10:00 – 18:00 Monday – Friday, until 3 May.

Rue Philippe Le Bon 2, Brussels