Brussels coworking – Scandinavian style


Coworking is the buzz word for a flexible office space where people who generally are not working for the same company can locate themselves – it’s ideal for freelancers who want to get away from the house and meet people at work. The term ‘coworking’ was coined by Bernie DeKoven in 1999 but, in fact, these environments had been going for decades before that.

The latest in a string of Brussels coworking venues which have sprung recently is The Library, located between avenue Louise and the Ixelles ponds and it has a distinctly Nordic flavour. Founder Anne-Sofie Rehfeld believes that this kind of business centre environment can be both “inspirational and cosy”.

She says: “At work, we are expected to perform with maximum results and yet the environment we work in has often been given a minimum of thought, consideration and investment. The Library is conceived and designed to provide a mental oasis in a world of cubicles.”

Like other centres, The Library offers private offices, coworking areas, meeting rooms and reception halls. So what’s so different? This one aims to combine Belgian charm and Scandinavian design. Rehfeld has applied her years of experience working with high-end hotels, Danish interior design and luxury jewellery to The Library. It’s an eclectic mix of modernity and antiques – some of the latter, such as lamps, custom-made furniture and family antiques and paintings, have been passed down through generations. “Antiques and vintage furniture serve as healthy reminders that in the larger scheme of things our worries are not as important as we fear. Inherited pieces add soul to the house and make you feel at home.”

Housed in a completely renovated, classic maison de maître, members can relax in the lounge or the peaceful garden. There are also kitchens and a dining area. The added bonus of this kind of venue is that you can organize cocktail evenings to entertain your clients or invite friends to the regular social events that have become so much a part of the fabric of coworking life..