Brussels dining: Manhattan’s burgers and Alain Morillon at Nanoo’s


In our Brussels dining pages we recently two new gastronomic establishments.

Enter Manhattn’s and you will be greeted by the sounds of New York, possibly crooner Frank Sinatra singing Come Fly With Me. Here, it is more the food – mostly burgers – that is ‘rarefied’. There is a wide range of choices, all baptised with names that are redolent of the city that never sleeps. I plumped for the ‘richest’ among them, the Rockefeller burger, jam-packed with Irish angus beef, matured cheddar, crispy bacon, caramelized onions, Smokey BBQ sauce and lettuce. My dining partner was seduced by the Gotham Burger, with Irish angus beef, tomme de Savoie aoc, caramelized onions, pepper sauce & lettuce – both succulent rich and abundant sauces. When it came to the fries… I’m old school and had the classic fries with home-made mayonnaise, and she had the sweet potato fries with truffle sauce. They were both a hit. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and in a burger joint whose logo boasts Manhattan’s most iconic statue, the service is of course excellent. As we left, Louis Armstrong was singing Moon River, and my Huckleberry friend and me headed out into the night air, looking for the same rainbow’s end.

Alain Morillon at Nanoo’s
For a little over two years now, La Hulpe has had the privilege of having in its walls a French chef who, at first glance, was not destined to come and exercise his talent in this quiet town of Walloon Brabant. What strikes without doubts the most when discovering the restaurant, it is this concern for coherence, this will to do well, without pretension or vanity. With his small team, in a soft and tranquil atmosphere, Alain Morillon offers his clients all his experience, serving a cuisine while gourmet, classic certainly but with accents today. A cuisine faithful to certain principles: a choice of products without concessions on their quality, a respect for the seasons, and most importantly, a card that relies entirely on homemade bread to desserts. A guarantee that unfortunately tends to become more and more rare today. one of the main characteristics here is to be able to savour excellent brewery cuisine, with extra soul, more refinement, delicacy. A marriage rather rare, and here very successful.

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