Brussels hotels: Hotel Dolce by Wyndham la Hulpe Brussels

Hotel Dolce by Wyndham la Hulpe Brussels

In the latest of our Brussels hotels articles Caroline Dierckx enjoyed a rejuvenating nature trip… close to home.

Nature, clean air, forest and vast space are all words that seem so far away to us. And yet at the gates of Brussels, the Hotel Dolce offers various stays that combine all these words with reality, but better.

I was able to test a ‘Bikecation’ trip which included accommodation, meals and mountain bikes. A short break 30 minutes from my house, that’s just what I needed. A break! And what could be better than this hotel nestled in the heart of the Soigne forest, facing nature in a relaxing setting.

We arrived at the end of the day on a Friday, and were soon settled into a comfortable room and welcomed with a small box of Cinq Monde products – a view of nature greeted us from the hotel Spa. We happily took advantage of the large swimming pool, sauna and hammam. An hour of well-deserved relaxation after a hectic week. Little extra: the changing rooms are well equipped (no need to take your towel, everything is available).

It was time to go to L’Argan where a 3-course meal awaited us. Let’s talk about the decor that is worth seeing. Clean and modern lines, the choice of colours that echoes the lush outdoor nature. Large bay windows to continue this immersive experience. Gourmets will feast on a varied cuisine where seasonal produce is king of the plate.

It was time to go back to the bedroom and close the curtains. Saturday morning, we wake up to birdsong, the room bathed in light and the desire to go out to simply join nature.

Hotel Dolce by Wyndham la Hulpe Brussels

Mountain bikes are available at reception, and off we went for a getaway in the forest. Note however, if you have children, it is preferable to take your own bikes. There are many routes to find on If cycling is not your thing, the walk is just as pleasant.

The getaway lasted 2 days, and the feeling of having regained energy was evident. A real getaway in the heart of nature at the gates of the capital. Note to self: do it more often!

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