Brussels offers love room for the homeless


People on the streets of Brussels may be homeless, but not necessarily without love. This is what the Belgian not-for-profit organisation Corvia believes and have drawn up plans to open a ‘Love Room’ for the many homeless people in Brussels.

Corvia says that the Love Room will allow homeless people to experience sexual relations in a private setting and hopes that the facility will permit homeless people to develop a ‘normal’ love life. Corvia plans locate the Love Room near the Albert Park in the borough of Schaarbeek.

Corvia earlier hit the headlines when it organised a beauty contest that was only open to the homeless, the winner picking up the title Mr or Miss Homeless.

Corvia president Mathilde Pelsers told the Francophone website that the idea for the Love Room came from Miss Homeless herself!

Homeless people in the Belgian and Flemish capital will soon be able to book the room for a couple of hours completely free of charge.