Brussels restaurants: Chez Léon is going Back to the Future…


Our latest Brussels restaurants article talks about how a Belgian instruction has just added even more ‘belgitude’.

It is with more enthusiasm than ever that the Vanlancker family and its impressive team are pleased to welcome you once again to the most Belgian restaurant in Belgium… The essential Léon is much more than the institution which delights tourists eager to discover real Belgian cuisine. It has also and above all been for 128 years an excellent restaurant run by the people of Brussels for the people of Brussels!

The pandemic’s period of forced lethargy gave the opportunity to carry out some nice development work intended to further strengthen the Belgitude of the place. Customers can now discover a whole series of tributes to the black-yellow-red flag, through a veritable ‘museological journey. Between a fresco in a nod to Magritte – This is not a mussel – and an astonishing sculpture in the shape of a mussel made like a saxophone in homage to Adolphe Sax, it is a veritable collection of allusions to the belgitude that the visitor can find, as with the famous rocket emblematic of We Walked on The Moon in reference to Hergé.

There is a very entertaining Atomium, each ball of which is a Gaston Lagaffe head, to remind us of Franquin, and a magnificent scenography which climbs towards the ceiling, carrying both comics and memories. There is an original lithograph by Folon and a unique drawing of The Cat by Philippe Geluck.

BRUSSELS RESTAURANTS CHEZ LEON TINTIN ROCKETThe house can indeed count on a series of assets that we call the ‘four Aces of Léon’: Wise Additions, Friendly Atmosphere, Tasty Plates, Smiling Welcome – since 1893!. This conviviality is evident since children up to 12 years accompanied by a member of their family eat for free and the all-you-can-eat mussels  formula on Sunday evening. And finally, this important turning point in the history of Léon also marks the ‘passing of the torch’ between the 5th and the 6th generation from Rudy to Kevin Vanlancker at the head of this Institution for many years to come.  

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