Brussels restaurants: Discover CŎCĪNA Flagey and Poké House


Our latest Brussels restaurants article offers up two more fine dining venues.

CŎCĪNA, pronounce kɔ-ki-na, the restaurant on rue Washington, Negozio & Trattoria, seduces lovers of Italian cuisine more than ever with its menu and its fine selection of groceries, but its ‘little sister’, recently opened close to the bustling Place Flagey on rue Lesbroussart, is available in Aperitivo bar & Pizzeria. In addition to its Italian aperitif menu, its wide selection of cold cuts and cheese platters, typical antipasti and quality pizzas, CŎCĪNA Flagey pays particular attention to its selection of wines and to a delightful, but daring, proposal of Italian cocktails. The restaurant concocts the traditional Italian dish preferred by gourmets around the world with fresh and seasonal products exclusively from the best transalpine producers. It’s possible to enjoy traditional pizzas or try out original formulas prepared with Neapolitan dough (thicker), classic or gluten-free – they are all the result of a special recipe. Dolce Vita!

For 3-4 years now, pokés have invaded the world and the stomachs, first in the United States, and then everywhere else. These dishes from Hawaii, often presented in the form of bowls, are made from raw fish base, usually salmon or tuna, delicately cut and marinated and accompanied by a good dose of colourful toppings and vinegar rice. In the Hawaiian language ‘poke’ means ‘piece’ or ‘well-cut’. Carrots, cucumber, mango, edamame, spring onion, pineapple, avocado – the possibilities of side dishes are endless for this dish, perfect for a fresh, light and personalized lunch. Lara, Elia and Sammy, the founders of Poké House, believe that pokés are much more than a food trend. They cultivate this family contact together among themselves but also with their teams. A tightly-knit relationship that is the strength of Poké House restaurants.

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