Brussels restaurants: Visit Wok Dynasty and Chez Leon

Photo Alexandre Bibaut

In our regular dining pages we look at two Brussels restaurants Wok Dynasty and Chez Leon

Chez Leon
All year round – but especially in the festive season – there is one place in Brussels that you can really on look after your palate. Chez Leon is a veritable institution – a former friterie it is famous for its moules (and frites) but it has a wide range to its menu. And there’s something not everyone knows: next to the open view kitchen, there is a table which has seen it all. Located in exactly the same place and in the same décor as back in the day. Number “110” is the family table around which every important step in the Léon story has been decided over the course of the years.  It is here that the members of the Vanlancker family come together to eat, where many stars have sat. Give it a try to really soak in the restaurant’s ambiance.

Oh, and your meal won’t break the bank, especially if you have kids – they go free!

As a cooking technique the wok is very, very old, dating back to the early Chinese dynasties; a technique that Wok Dynasty’s specialized chefs have mastered to perfection – they seem fearless in front of the impressive flames. This place is very innovative because as a dining experience because it’s a truly interactive evening as you choose the ingredients that you like best and tell the chefs which sauce you prefer, creating your own personal dish.

Together recently visited this fabulous restaurant and we loved it. We headed for the buffet: very fresh sushi, fried vegetable wok and a huge desert plate with creme caramel, ice cream, profiteroles and lots more. As there’s a bustle about the place as the steam rises from the kitchen.

Start with soup then make your selection of hot and cold starters, such as sushi and dimsum. Next you go to the teppanyaki chef, who will instantly prepare you a delicious crispy piece of chicken, meat or fish. Do your taste buds a favour and head for the Dynasty.