Brussels to Kazakhstan on a solar powered bike


The young Belgian is aiming to drive 100km per day in a custom-designed three wheeled vehicle. The trike has a solar roof to provide half of his power and also has a trailer for his supplies. The seating position has been ergonomically designed to give him the most effective sitting position for the arduous 10 000km journey.

The hybrid vehicle is powered by 50% solar energy and 50% Guillaume energy.The photovoltaic roof over the trike and trailer are light, rugged and very efficient.

He is in no great hurry and hopes to reach his destination within one year. The adventure starts in Brussels and the route to the Kazakh capital Astana takes him through Istanbul, along the Black Sea, the Caucasus Moutains, Caspian Sea then the Aral Sea. A 10 000km trek with the sun as his co-pilot.

One of his sponsors is Freja Food, the Belgian manufacturer of a new 100% bio high-energy food bar which will hopefully give him the boost he needs to get to the finishing post.

A launch event will be held in the Parc Cinquantenaire in Brussels, 26 June.  

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