Business Mentor Arnon Barnes giving back to society


BUSINESS MENTOR I enjoy the game we play in our team meetings where one of us will pitch an idea and someone else will ask the hard questions. This works because it gives us clarity on what we set out to achieve; we know we’re all in it together.

Negative people will do whatever it takes to bring you down; critical people will do whatever it takes to help you widen your vision and become bigger and better in the process.

Nobody can be the visionary and the positivist and the critical thinker at the same time. That’s why it’s so important to build your team fast, get people in with the right attitudes and teach them the skills if necessary.

Without self-reflection, there is no true leadership
Nowadays success is no longer only defined by how much money you have in your bank account. It’s about what you do for others – it’s how you serve people and give back to society that matters most. It’s easy to make money these days, there’s thousands, if not millions of ways, creative people can make money online and offline. You need creativity, hard work and dedication, but money can be made. When the only focus is money, people lose track of what is the most important thing in their life. In all of our lives there’s only one constant factor: ME.

I have to live with me whether I have money or not, whether I am healthy or not, whether I have people I love or not. A true leader realizes the importance of nurturing oneself. Developing oneself is the only surefire way to get to whatever level is next. We, ourselves, hold the key to pushing our potential and living life to the fullest. And as a leader, this is the way to inspire our team and the people around us to go to new heights together.

With all my Elite coaching clients, one of the first things we evaluate is where they stand in their business and life. Making money is one thing, enjoying being a business owner is another. We create clarity on all fronts of their life, because where there is clarity there is power.

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