Business Mentor Arnon Barnes giving back to society


International Speaker, Peak Performance Trainer and Business Mentor Arnon Barnes defines hard work.

When I decided to focus on developing my coaching and training skills, little did I know. Little did I know that especially when starting out within this niche, I’d get to meet the ‘broke’ people. As any business owner may know, when starting up a company it’s not always roses, glitter and glamour. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, action and focus to get to the level that makes you feel successful.

It was no different for me. I started out offering coaching to whomever I met. I didn’t allow myself to set clear boundaries or even define my target group. All I wanted was to make mileage, take action, get practice and fail quickly so I could get back up again and do it better. What I gained out of this approach are many things, of which I’ll share a few with you now.

Without clarity on what the end goal is, ALL work is hard work.
There’s a clear difference between working hard and hard work. I work hard (my A$$ off even) when I have set a goal, have a clear vision and know what, but most importantly, WHY I do what I do. As soon as things are not well defined, or rather, when I find myself following other people’s vision (about me) instead of my own, I feel deflated and every moment of work is hard work.

Without a clear target audience, you will, by default, attract the ‘broke’ people.
In business there’s people that simply want your product because it will serve them, as a tool, to get to the next level, on the one side. On the other side there’s the people who will want your product because they expect it to solve all their problems for them. These are the broke people; people who are constantly looking for solutions outside themselves, to get ahead in life with as little effort as possible. They do not need a coach, they need an awakening.

Without the right team, you’re not building a business, you’re building a house of cards. (and it will come tumbling down, eventually)
Positive energy is one of the most important keys to achieving wealth. When you create a team around you that serves not only what your business needs in terms of the skills they bring, but, even more so, the right attitude, your business will thrive.

Now, it’s important to differentiate between negative people and critical people. In my business I work with people that are always super positive and reinforcing my ideas as well as people that will inevitably ask questions and trigger my thought processes, before getting on board with a strategy, vision or new goal.