Business Mentor Arnon Barnes says get extrovert


TOGETHER MAGAZINE BUSINESS MENTOR Looking at the most popular and recognizable brands, songs, movies, products or services on the planet they all ‘got there’ by exposing themselves openly, some even aggressively and more importantly, all of them do it unapologetically. They all sought after making themselves heard using every medium possible to catch people’s attention. These recognizable brands, products and people dedicated tremendous amounts of energy, time and resources to extroverting.

Most of the business owners and leaders I work with called me first because they realize the importance of having someone that will watch their game, give them ‘no-nonsense feedback’ and help them uncover their blind-spots, that are costing them time and money. Very quickly though, one thing becomes apparent to us and that is that most people don’t feel comfortable about extroverting.

And when they do extrovert they seem to do just about enough ‘to spin the wheel’, create a small ripple, hardly what I call impact. They’ll make a few more calls and have an extra meeting here or there, and when results don’t hit immediately, they say “you see, it doesn’t work in my industry, business or niche” (pick whatever excuse you’ve heard your inner-voice say to you at least once in your life).

Some business leaders will even think that they are taking the offensive approach and ‘doing whatever it takes’ and they just don’t understand why they are not reaching their wanted level of wealth and success. It’s only when they realize, if they are being honest, that they are extroverting in a non-inspiring, non-strategic way. It’s great if you’re all about action and offense and making a loud noise, but when you’re doing it in a way that has no connection to your business values, mission and long-term vision, then what are you really doing?

Always remember that business is an offensive and an aggressive sport and if you don’t like that then maybe business is not for you. Most people play the business game, ‘not to lose’, taking a defensive approach and that is not what I consider winning the business game. Right now, I want to challenge you to play the game to WIN!

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