Business: The Network Eldorado


But how to create your network?: Everyone can create a network, even the most shy or introverted among us. To build a network, you must develop what is called a relational intelligence. The relational quotient (RQ) that measures this intelligence is probably a lesser-known concept than the intelligence quotient (IQ) and yet your relational intelligence is the most powerful of intelligences.

This is one of the reasons why most of the great bosses of GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) have succeeded without ever having obtained a degree. Where the intelligence quotient is genetic, the relational quotient develops and is therefore evolutionary. You must learn to develop it because your level of success as an individual or as a company is directly related to the quality of the relationships you peers.

Some entrepreneurs have understood this to such an extent that they have focused their entire core business on this one key skill: creating real empires. Jorge Mendes, Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent, is the perfect example. He has developed such a high level of interpersonal intelligence and empathy for people that today he has one of the most influential contact lists in the world of football – and he knows how to activate and monetize it. Every year, it earns him and his company a turnover of eight or nine figures. As folks rightly say: “Work your network and then your network will work for you”.

Influence networks: For those who want to go a step further in mastering their networking skills, there is one additional and crucial principle to assimilate: creating value. In building your relationships, you must think in terms of value and, therefore, bring value to others. To create value, you must be able to connect people. And the purpose of getting in touch is to create a connection between a person’s needs and the talents or skills of another person. Here, we reach the supreme level and the very essence of networking by entering the world of connectors.

Everyone can become a connector and yet there are very few connectors in the world. To be a connector, you just have to be able to be an observer and a matchmaker. And the possibilities of creating connections between two people are almost endless with the 7.5 billion people on our planet. By creating a link and helping people – for the pleasure of giving pleasure without expecting anything in return – you will activate the principle of reciprocity. The more you give and the less you wait for, the more you will receive. And the first thing you will receive is the confidence of others – the greatest collaborations and greatest success stories begin with relationships of mutual trust. Having an authentic network around you is the best card up your sleeve!

By multiplying these links, little by little, with the amplifying effect of word-of-mouth, you will build your sphere of privileged contacts and an address book that will grow exponentially. This relationship book will become your biggest growth lever – not only for you and your company, but also for others. And so, you will become a person who, over time, will gain influence because you will have the ability, through your network, to positively impact the trajectory of all your projects and also the projects of others.

This is where the magic of network power lies!