Caspian Tradition: Exceptional festive gastronomy


We look at a local family firm, Caspian Tradition, who have mastered the arts of the world of caviar.

Caspian Tradition has forged over the years an enviable reputation in the small, very closed world of caviar marketing. This dynamic and successful company has managed to find a place in Belgian gastronomy and other world markets. A real challenge when you know the complexity of this type of international exchange.

A family story…
Founded in 1995 at the initiative of Ahmad and Arya Razavi, Caspian Tradition SA has quickly gained momentum in the world of caviar trading and has won the trust of its gastronomic and international clientele by their Iranian expertise in the field. In 2009, a shareholding started with JIK GmbH in Düsseldorf and, in 2011, Caspian Tradition acquired La Maison du Caviar in Brussels, which is currently part of the team. This success was made possible by the constant presence of this couple with their team and with their producers in the field.

And the products?
Well, they are nothing short of mouth-watering – and at this time of year caviar is as important as old Santa Claus himself. For the record, only the sturgeon produces the unfertilized eggs which, once treated by a special process, will have the right to call themselves caviar. Caviar, also known as ‘the pearl of gold’, is the most expensive commodity in the world and has always been considered the luxury commodity par excellence. Caviar remains of course the heart of its business, but Caspian Tradition has also become, through its distribution centre La Maison du Caviar by Caspian Tradition in Brussels, a true showcase of all the charms of exceptional food, with an incredible variety of rare and precious products, always presented in their most noble version.

So, save a place at your festive table for some exceptional gourmet treats.

Photo: Catherine Linken