Charity: Un Ami pour Tous


One Brussels-based non-profit organization Un Ami pour Tous (A Friend for Everyone) is dedicated to improving the lives of children in care by breathing new life into toys that are donated… by the more fortunate children who own them.

One of the key values of the organization is about giving and they are keen to to pass this value on to children because they are the adults of tomorrow. This is why collections are held on Wednesdays, so the children can come with their parents and put their ‘old’ toys in the collection points – it makes them under the significance of the gesture and helps them feel better about handing over their toys.

Collections are once a month, and not only during the end of year celebrations but all year round!

And the best thing about it is that they have your involvement as simple as possible… in three easy steps.

Step 1: Sort your toy boxes
Your sort your toy boxes and put aside the ones you no longer have use for: soft toys, stuffed animals, games.

Step 1: You bring your unused toys
Mostly through partner PartenaMut who provide them with a series of collection points.

STEP 3: Distribution of toys in nurseries
Un Ami Pour Tous’ partner Aridgroup takes care of collecting the donated toys at collection points and redistributes them the same day in nurseries centres in Belgium.

And the goal: Make children happy
Children receive their presents and jump for joy. Some of them finally have a cuddly toy all to themselves! Mission accomplished.

The organization was set up by founder Florence Blaimont and co-founder Kwatar El Ouazzani. When a friend failed to sell all her children’s discarded toys at a brocante Florence offered to take them off her hand give them to her Kawtar. That was three years ago and Kawtar was a nursing student in her final year and worked in an infant care centre.

Florence said: “She took them to the centre and the children jumped for joy. Kawtar explained some had a piece of tissue as a blanket. They all had adopted a new friend and slept with it, holding it tightly in their little arms.

There are three different ways you can help. By giving toys as described above, becoming a volunteer and making a donation. Or all three!

The collection points in collaboration with PartenaMut.

Boulevard Louis Mettewie 74-76 à 1080 Bruxelles

Boulevard Anspach 1 à 1000 Bruxelles

Rue Montoyer 41 à 1000 Bruxelles

Chaussée d’Alsemberg 772A à 1180 Uccle

Boulevard Sainctelette 73 à 7000 Mons

Place de la Digue 23 à 6000 Charleroi

Place A. Bosch 41 à 1300 Wavre

Place de la station 22 à 5000 Namur

Boulevard d’Avroy 9 à 4000 Liège

Place de l’Etang 11E à 6900 Marche-en-Famenne

First collection: 30 December 2015.

Florence Blaimont :
0497 556 506
Aurélien Herquel:
Kawtar El Ouazzani: