Chinese hospital looking for “virgin blood”


A research hospital in China has sparked controversy by calling for virgin blood donors.

The cancer hospital of Beijing University explained to newspaper China Daily why they need blood samples from virgin women aged 18 to 24 as part of their research into human papillomavirus (HPV).

HPV is a virus that is transmitted through sexual contact. Its role is implicated in cervical cancer of the uterus and, to a lesser extent, in the throat.

The hospital said it is “conforming to international practices” in seeking to collect blood samples they say will be least likely to be infected with papillomaviruses.

“The risk of contracting HPV is lower in women who have never had sex,” said Ms. Guan Jiuping, spokeswoman of the institution.

But the request has sparked outraged reactions from many people, who deem it insulting to women.

“So we do not need virgin men, only women, is this science?” quipped one of the country main microblogs.

However, others have defended the hospital, accusing critics of ignoring the needs of medical research.

After more than 30 years of economic reform and glasnost, China now has very little to do with the Puritan revolutionary society imposed by Maoism.

Many Chinese men still continue to want their wife to be a virgin on her wedding day.

Sources: La Libre Belgique, China Daily
Beijing Universtiy photo: galaygobi