Chocolate Brussels Town Hall



Chocopolis, located on Rue du Marché aux Herbes, will display a replica of the Brussels Town Hall made out of 50 kilos of chocolate until mid-April.

It took chocolate maker Bram Hullebroeck a week of sweat and toil to create his delicious masterpiece: a one-meter high model of the Brussels Town Hall.The delicious creation is now on diplay at the Chocopolis shop near the Grand’Place (rue du Marché aux Herbes).

Chocopolis is one of the biggest chocolate shops in downtown Brussels and produces its own brand of hand-made chocolates. They pride themselves on using no colouring agents or preservatives and use 10% less sugar. They go back to the basis of chocolate – pure cocoa, to which they add a bit of imagination. Alongside the chocolate town hall they have created more than 80 different chocolates, from the most classic to the most exotic one.

At the shop you can see live demonstrations of the pralines being made. In fact, “La Chocolaterie”, at the rear of the shop, has glass separators so that you can enjoy the taste of your favorite chocolates while watching how they were made.