Chocolate flavoured stamps from the post office


The stamps are being issued to honour and celebrate the country’s famous chocolatiers and chocolate as a national delicacy.

“We have added a chocolate taste to the glue of the stamps… which you can taste when you lick it,” the Belgian postal service said.

“The stamps are also imbued with the smell,” it said, while the design side carries pictures of chocolate in various forms.

“It was not easy to get the scent and flavour of the dark chocolate right. In the end, people from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland all worked on it,” it said.

“It is not the first scented stamp … but this time it has been combined with a flavour.”

Johnny Thijs, the CEO of Bpost crowed:”With such stamps we prove our sense of modernity and innovation.”

Not content with their chocolate stamps, Bpost is also planning a series of stamps that will emphasize road safety. These stamps will be printed on “glow in the dark ink”. Perhaps people will be encouraged to stick these on their clothing at night, or on backpacks. Another future issue to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Belgium’s Royal Meteorological Society will have heat sensitive ink that will reveal a hidden pattern when touched because of the warmth from the fingers.

The series of five stamps, intended for overseas mail, will cost 6.20 euros when they go on sale March 25.